Welcome to the Silicon Microelectronics Group at IEMN !

The group gathers researchers, staff and students working in the fields of Electronic Circuit Design and Micro and Nanotechnologies for Flexible Electronics and Energy.



Integrated Circuit Design for Communication Systems

The integrated circuit design activity within the Silicon Microelectronics group deals with the study, design and demonstration of novel architectures for RF and millimeterwave (mmW) communication systems. The philosophy of the carried research lies in the leveraging of existing technologies (advanced CMOS technologies at nodes from 90nm down to 28nm) to propose innovative architectures with breakthroughs at the system, block or transistor level. In these technologies, as digital processing comes almost for free compared to analog functions, we tried to integrate digital functionalities in traditional transceivers, by either correcting for analog non-idealities or replacing analog blocks. Our main objective is to enable future communication systems with reduced power consumption, higher configurability and higher throughput, together with a higher level of integration.

Non-Conventional Technology for CMOS and Enhanced Functionalities

Our activities embrace innovative processes and devices from crude semiconductors (enhancing CMOS core) to enhanced functional CMOS based on non-conventionnal nanotechnology. Research topics follow the strategies of “More-Moore” with Metallic (Schottky) source/drain MOSFET) and “More-thant-Moore” with VLS growth of Si blades for smart BEOL and Nanowires for gas detection. Recently new perspectives have openned with the rise of   High-performance (HF) flexible electronics and non-conventional thermoelectrics.