Meet Maciej Haras at ISPSA and IEDM 2014 !

In december Maciej Haras will present his research on silicon thin film thermoelectrics in two important symposia.

First, he will represent the group at the “17th International Symposium Physics of Semiconductors and Applications” taking place in  Jeju (South Korea) with a talk entitled “How Good Silicon for Thermoelectric Conversion ?”

Then, he will be in San Francisco for the IEEE, International Electron Devices Meeting for an oral presentation dealing with the “Fabrication of Integrated Micrometer Platform for Thermoelectric Measurements”  (Session 8: Sensors, MEMS, and BioMEMS, NEMS and Energy Harvesters).

Congrats Maciej !

“Fabrication of Integrated Micrometer Platform for Thermoelectric Measurements”, M. Haras1, V. Lacatena1,2, F. Morini1, J.-F. Robillard1, S. Monfray2, T. Skotnicki2 and E. Dubois1
2 STMicroelectronics


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