Digital RF and mmW circuits for communication systems

The integrated circuit design activity within the Silicon Microelectronics group deals with the study, design and demonstration of novel architectures for RF and millimeterwave (mmW) communication systems. The philosophy of the carried research lies in the leveraging of existing technologies (advanced CMOS technologies such as 28nm FDSOI) to propose innovative architectures with breakthroughs at the system, block or transistor level. In these technologies, as digital processing comes almost for free compared to analog functions, we tried to integrate digital functionalities in traditional transceivers, by either correcting for analog non-idealities or replacing analog blocks. Our main objective is to enable future communication systems with reduced power consumption, higher configurability and higher throughput, together with a higher level of integration.

Digital transmitter architectures for RF applications

  • High-speed delta-sigma modulators
  • Digital-to-RF converters
  • Wideband multi-rate digital PA.

High data rate mmW communications

  • Direct digital-to-mmW tranmitters
  • WiFi/WiGig compatible transmitter based on delta-sigma and DRFC concepts
  • Subsampling-based receivers
  • Beamforming architectures
  • Tunable baseband filtering

Continuous-time digital signal processing