Research Projects

Master Thesis : WiFi / WiGig configurable receiver back-end using subsampling demodulation

Advisor: Antoine Frappé

The proposed subject addresses challenges related to analog-to-digital interface between the RF front-end and the adaptive digital baseband, as well as system-level issues regarding a 60 GHz heterodyne receiver integrating a subsampling stage. The focus of this work is on the second part of a receiver: from IF to analog baseband.

The chip validating the concepts of subsampling for 60GHz chip has software defined capability. Each parameter of the system can be tuned independently and each modification on one of these parameters is directly seen on the output:

  • Width of the integration window
  • Delay between I and Q
  • Sampling instant
  • Value of the Gm for different paths
  • Offset of the comparators
  • Gain of amplifiers

The objective of the project is to implement an algorithm to monitor the output and adjust all the settings in the chip in order to achieve the best sensitivity possible and to adapt the system to source drifts in terms of frequency or phase.

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